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[Sunset from the Sandias]

Sunset from the Sandia mountains in Albuquerque New Mexico, USA

Much of this same stuff can also be found out on my ISP's webspace at 8705544107.

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Fun Ski Videos!

I got a micro 808 "key chain" #16 camera with the optional "D-lens" and mounted it to the top of my ski goggles. I've been getting some interesting videos with it ... Well if you are a downhill skier anyway. Even if you are not, this "first person view" of downhill skiing comes a little close to capturing what it is like to really be there! (Except with out the hard work and personal excitement). Anyway feel free to check out my videos page for all the action. These videos show what it is like to to ski at resorts in New Mexico, USA.


About this Server

You are viewing this page from my seriously hacked and now very capable first generation (2004 vintage) Buffalo Linkstation (an early consumer NAS drive) residing here at my house. This little thing now runs full sized Debian Linux while using a maximum of only 17 watts of power! No need for those big PC's drawing many times this power with all those noisy fans. Besides being "Green" with this low power usage, I expect longer life from this unit than from PC's with their overworked power supplies and other componets as they try to produce and consume over 50 amperes of current!

Hey this thing has been running continously since 2005, So far so good!

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